Boutique Mafia Velvet Circus Showcase

Step right up to the greatest show on earth!


We had the honor of participating in the Boutique Mafia Velvet Circus Showcase last night!  The garments are all required to include velvet in their design. Velvet is so on trend right now and the options are endless!  The colors and textures available are so beautiful, the pieces really never need much more.


We constructed 4 looks for the Showcase although I feel like I could have designed 50 more! 


Our first act of the show is the Circus Ballerina.  Blue Crushed Velvet with long sleeves, lined bodice and circle skirt. This piece was the one all of the girls were swooning over!  They have all requested one in their size because they love it so much!  It is soft and comfortable and the circle skirt gives the dress a major twirl factor all girls love!  We included 2 butterfly pins to add a unique look to the dress. Wear them on the dress, on your sweater or add them to a hair bow to make them your own!



Our next act is the Fire Breather!  We just had to use this amazing burnout velvet for her look.  The Fire Breather always brings such excitement to the show so her look needed to be a showstopper!  This burnout velvet is just gorgeous with its sheer contrast and silver sparkle. We added a removable burgundy velvet bow to the front for a pop of color.



Next up, we have the strongWOman! The strongWOman is someone who achieves amazing feats of strength to impress the crowd!  Her look needs to be strong and powerful! The embossed velvet in black was perfect for her romper!  Who says you can't be a strong and powerful girl AND look good doing it?!



Our last act of our show is the Ringmaster!  She is the gal keeping the whole show together! Without her, who would tame the lions and tigers and bears?  Lucky for our Ringmaster, her "lion" of the day was Georgia, the Bernadoodle! Our Ringmaster outfit needed to show power and control. Dark red velvet, pleather and brass were the perfect choices for her look.  A hi-lo hem makes this top a little more daring just like a Ringmaster!



These pieces are made exclusively for the Boutique Mafia Velvet Circus Showcase. They are only available for a short time! So don't miss your chance and head over now to choose yours!