Meet The Maker

From a young age, Laurie had an eye for fashion, inspired by her wedding gown pattern designing grandmother. She spent much of her teenage years seeking her grandmother's approval and secret tips on garment making. 
  Before becoming a mother, Laurie was an architect. Her attention to detail is what drove her passion and satisfied her hunger for knowledge. 
  After child number three was discovered to be a baby girl after two sons, Laurie knew she wanted to fill a closet full of beautiful, unique pieces for her sweet daughter, Aila Franchesca.
  Once she began the journey into children's wear, the decision was made to open an Etsy shop. Two years later, she welcomed her fourth child, a second daughter and transitioned into pattern making. This allowed Laurie time with her children while allowing her to stretch her creativity and architectural education all at once. 
  After having her fifth child, she began to long for the sewing machine once again. The thrill of seeing other children in her garments drove her back to making beautiful dresses. The transition to garment wear was complete in the summer of 2016 and she hasn't looked back! 
  Currently, Aila & Frankie is composed of Laurie; the wearer of many hats, an additional seamstress and a pattern and fabric cutting assistant. All garments are proudly produced right here in the U.S.A. The pride and care that goes into each detail is why we know you'll love and appreciate every piece.